UON Announces Macquarie as a Strategic Investor

Dec 11, 2019

Western Australia-based energy and water management company UON today announced Macquarie Bank, part of Macquarie Group, as a strategic investor in the company.

UON has twenty years of experience in solving the energy and water challenges of remote sites operating in harsh environments. Through highly efficient, end-to-end solutions for water and energy systems, UON optimises operations whether sites use diesel, hybrid or renewable power systems, reducing both expenditure and emissions.

Mark Keogh, Executive Chairman of UON, said Macquarie’s investment, finance and development expertise will play an important part in UON’s future as the company looks to expand its core offering, and bring new technology and solutions to the market.

“The future will include the growth of our core Western Australia business, the expansion to new sectors, as well as extended operations to serve international markets, the Macquarie relationship will be a key source of intellectual and financial capital.

Businesses in the resources, utility and agriculture sectors are all facing challenges with the need for increased power reliability, and improved financial and operational efficiencies, coupled with decarbonisation. Macquarie’s experience in financing and developing strategic infrastructure and renewable energy projects around the world, including over $A20 billion invested in green energy since 2010, will be extremely valuable to UON and our clients” Mr Keogh added.



Based in Malaga, Perth, UON has been at the forefront for adopting many of the new technologies and solutions coming to the market.

UON has been responsible for a number of key power and water projects across Western Australia through its bespoke integrated energy solutions and also has a significant number of new and expansion resource projects committed in Western Australia in the near term.

Lex Scott-Mackenzie, an Associate Director at Macquarie, will join the UON Board of Directors.

BDO Perth was the advisor to UON on the transaction.