24/7 Parts & Servicing


Having provided customers with hundreds of generators and pumps that are in service at mines and other locations, UON are able to further support customers with the ongoing maintenance of the equipment, including major overhauls.

UON’s workshop facilities can provide complete rebuild and refurbishing services, returning the equipment back to its clients in virtually ‘as new’ condition.

UON’s approach to on-site services is built around a culture of preventative maintenance and problem-solving.
With a local presence throughout Western Australia, UON is experienced in supporting operations in-field, with skilled, ready-to-deploy people and modern fit-for-purpose equipment.

The safety of all personnel is paramount in all situations. Whether an issue is mechanical or electrical, UON can respond quickly to address any emergency and minimise the impacts.

The experience of UON’s team help to identify and pre-empt issues that cause premature equipment failures, minimising any operational disruptions on the equipment we service.

Our experienced team arrive on-site promptly and set to work in a safe and efficient manner.