UON Training


Leaders in the development of equipment and services needed by clients across mining, energy, industry and agriculture, UON also shares it knowledge to help keep you on and keep you operational.

As part of its solutions delivery, UON is able to provide product specific training on its equipment, ensuring clients have the greatest operational flexibility and product awareness.

UON believes in investing in our future and our clients’ operational requirements, and we are able to guarantee that our equipment is of high quality and ready for use before it leaves our yard.

Generator Motor Controller Training

UON has an established training program to support its industy-leading Generator Motor Controller (GMC) Operation.

Drawing on the in-field experience of the trainer, the two day course incorporates the overall GMC Operation and provides the underpinning knowledge to build the operator’s confidence and support the principles of commissioning from both a process and a practical perspective.

Cable Splicing Training

Supporting the safe and efficient operation of the equipment that it supplies and installs, UON has developed a specialised training course for submersible pump cable splicing.

Correct cable splicing is a critical element in the installation and ongoing maintenance of submersible pumping operations.

UON has developed a hands-on training course for electricians and apprentices, based on Certificate IV training and assessment requirements.

The focus is on the type of cables that are used on site for submersible pumps, with a comprehensive overview given of the various splicing products available.

On completion of the course, the trainees will be able to assess cable condition and repair any damaged cables.