diesel Generators

Diesel Power Generators

The UON developed PROPOWER GMC, in its basic standard configuration, is a diesel-powered electric generator.

It offers a simple control interface with the ability for either manual operation, or for remote starting and stopping.

UON can assist in calculating site loads, pump selection and motor selection for all electrical and pumping applications. This data is then used to select the appropriate PROPOWER GMC for the site application.

In addition, UON also supplies on site servicing, repairs, spares, consumables, technical advice and after-sales support for all its products.


The patented PP generators are a modular off the shelf designed prime rated 50°C ambient generator.

The PP generators form part of the UON SMART™ modular distribution system designed for prime power applications at high ambient harsh remote environments.

The modular format of the units make them suited to rapid deployment for standalone generation or power station applications.

Features of the SMART system combine PP generators with LV or HV, modular SW rooms, modular fuel systems, modular transformer, modular workshop office and ablution facilities to provide a one stop solution for all your remote power needs.


The UON SMART™ range of LC generators are an off the shelf high-end spec for the resource and rental industries.

Name-plate rated at 40°C the LC range is fully mine specified and follows years of design development and proven reliability that justifies your investment in your fleet.


The patented Generator Motor Controller (GMC) range is available across a wide range of sizes from the GMC-27Ks through to the GMC 1250C, with a range of ratings according to application, location and environment

The selection of PROPOWER GMC for motor starting applications is important both for the motor and also for the generator. The selection is made to ensure the generator is correctly loaded within the manufacturer’s recommendation which ensures both the longevity of the equipment and minimise running and maintenance costs.

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Energy solutions developed by UON enable clients to increase their energy efficiency and realise operational expenditure savings, without risking energy reliability.