UON Maintenance

Maintenance that keeps you operational

UON is dedicated to providing clients with high quality, cost effective maintenance and service for all our plant and equipment.
All routine maintenance works, pre-hire checks, and post-hire checks are conducted by our in-house maintenance team, ensuring our equipment is of high quality and ready for use before it leaves our yard.

Unmatched maintenance expertise

  • Pump rebuilds
  • Pump test facilities
  • Trailer Rebuilds
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Preventative maintenance

We work in-house in our Malaga facilities or on-site to meet the highest Australian standards. With our extensive experience of site conditions, we can be relied upon to maintain all manner of energy and water infrastructure.
UON offers mechanical and electrical repairs to equipment that has typically passed the mid-life mark, after which point deterioration increases quickly without proper intervention.
Our major overhauls recondition equipment into ‘as-new’ condition, whereas spot repairs solve more localised issues.
As an original equipment manufacturer, we know the advantages of our equipment and the complete solution we wrap around them.
We are equally able to maintain other brands of engines, pumps and trailers purchased from other providers.
UON services engines generally every 250 hours. The regularity with which we service equipment is based on a process of careful testing of different service intervals and our thorough understanding of the site environment and equipment conditions we find.

Our emergency-response capability

Whether your equipment failure is mechanical or electrical, we can respond quickly to address the emergency and minimise the impact on your site’s productivity.
Our experienced team can arrive on-site promptly and set to work in a safe and efficient manner.