Energy Solutions


Creating integrated energy and water solutions for its customers, is driving the efficiency of off-grid energy infrastructure.

UON is focused on delivering the unique energy solutions that its customers need, and this has continued to drive innovation and refinement of products.

Central to the Company Mission is helping our customers on their decarbonisation journey. UON has the technology, skills and real experience in delivering this.

UON’s patented Generator Motor Controller (GMC) system eliminates the need for conventional motor starting systems and its operational efficiency means reduced fossil fuel use. The GMC solution is providing customers with genuine, competitive advantages over other products currently in market.

Further efficiencies are also possible through the integration of renewable energy and battery storage solutions that can be rolled out in easy stages. This means that fossil-fuel reductions can be achieved while also reducing costs and improving long-term savings.

UON’s customers invest in more than just a product, they receive in an operational outcome, and support throughout the journey.

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Energy solutions developed by UON enable clients to increase their energy efficiency and realise operational expenditure savings, without risking energy reliability.