Standpipe Pump System

UON has developed a Standpipe Pump System to meet the operational needs and required flexibilites of different locations.

Each fully integrated standpipe pump and delivery system has been skillfully designed and built for ease of transport and handling.

The two bases can be separated so that the pump base is located close to the water source and the standpipe base is positioned closer to the road providing ease of access by water trucks and carts.

A wet prime feature allows the pump to be ready for operation on start up, while the modular design and safe compiling of the engine and pump allows for a quick and easy pump head replacement in the field, eliminating alignment issues.

The pump skid incorporates a self-bunded fuel tank to meet environmental requirements, while a deep-sea control module is used to operate and supply shutdown protection for the engine.

The engine control panel is protected from the elements by a stainless-steel cover, with a lockable battery isolator.

Available in 6 inch and 8 inch packages, all pipework is fully galvanised to AS4680: 2006 inside and out to eliminate corrosion.

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UON has the proven experience to create the water management solutions needed to manage operations efficiently and reliably. Dewatering pumping, potable water storage, tailings dams and HDPE pipelines and infrastructure are just part of the solutions that UON delivers.