HYBRID Energy Solutions


UON SMART™ products provide renewable and decarbonising solutions for mining operations and remote industry, including agriculture.
Renewable solutions can be added to existing energy supplies to supplement power and support a transition to greater renewable energy utilisation.
A hybrid energy solution of a photovoltaic array and battery storage can be coupled with UON’s patented Generator Motor Controller (GMC), changing remote operations only needing fossil fuel as a back-up.
Creating complete turnkey solutions, UON has built its products specifically for operation in the harsh Australian environment. The patented power solutions are applicable to both operational equipment and built facilities, including mine camps, workshops and administration services.
Mining operations vary dramatically across the mine’s life and UON has a redeployable solar solution. This means as operations move, so can the renewable power. Flexibility also means the size of the renewable inputs can be expanded.

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Renewable energy solutions developed by UON enable clients to increase their energy efficiency and realise operational expenditure savings, without risking energy reliability.