Pontoon Systems

Pontoon Systems PERTH

UON offers a range of pontoon solutions to support on site water management and pumping, with the solution selected according to clients’ needs, time and budget.

Ranging from small lightweight HDPE construction for pump only, through to heavy-duty galvanised frames with multiple foam filled or empty ballast tanks and walk-on platforms, UON also caters for larger equipment with rated lifting lugs and 100% NDT (Non-destructive testing) to AS1171.

Pontoons are suitable for angled bore pump placement with a suitable anti-vortex plate and strainer box, or suspended sump pump variants.

Safety features can be added as needed to protect from low water or no water running.

All are manufactured for transport and safe on-site handling.

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UON has the proven experience to create the water management solutions needed to manage operations efficiently and reliably. Dewatering pumping, potable water storage, tailings dams and HDPE pipelines and infrastructure are just part of the solutions that UON delivers.