Battery energy storage


The patented UON SMART™ CELL is a Stand-alone Power Solution.  It is a Dewatering Battery Motor Controller, an Electric Vehicle charger, a stand-alone power solution or a mine camp energy source – all in one package, that is capable of powering remote operations entirely by renewable energy.

The UON SMART™ CELL also enables renewable technology to be integrated into existing operations across Mining, Energy and Agriculture.

Using 60% less fuel and requiring 60% less maintenance in a mine dewatering configuration, the UON SMART™ CELL pays for itself in three years based on June 2023 fuel prices. With independently verified data, there are options to create carbon certificates for the unit’s operation.

The UON SMART™ CELL means the financial and environmental benefits are immediately evident. UON’s solutions have been specifically developed to handle the harsh conditions of remote operations and are delivered without risking either the energy security or operational flexibility needed.

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Renewable energy solutions developed by UON enable clients to increase their energy efficiency and realise operational expenditure savings, without risking energy reliability.