Bore Head Works

Bore Head Works

UON’s dedicated fabrication division creates the headworks required to support the location specific bore pumping configuration.

  • Freestanding skid-mounted or loose assembly fabricated steel is manufactured to AS4100 Structural and pressure pipework AS4041 Class 3.
  • Potable water stainless steel (AS/NZS1554 Part6) or standard dewatering steel with galvanised surface treatment to AS/NZS4680. In-house hydro testing confirmation.

Pressure rating is to the client’s request.

Standard assembled instrumentation is utilised to provide measurements of flow/volume and pressure (either 4-20mA or Modbus output), as well a mechanical operation valves for isolation / flow modulation and anti-back flow check valving.

Options to typical configurations include sample ports with Maric flow reduction, scour valves,m along with water quality analysis (pH/EC sensing).


UON designed, engineered and certified Bore Head plates for heavy duty use are fabricated to AS4041 Class 3. Supporting suspended loads up to 8 tonnes and flows rates up to 75L/s, the plates feature NDT inspected lugs for single or 2 point lifting.

The plates include access for bore pump power cables up to 150mm² and dip tubes for level sensing or manual dipping.

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UON has the proven experience to create the water management solutions needed to manage operations efficiently and reliably. Dewatering pumping, potable water storage, tailings dams and HDPE pipelines and infrastructure are just part of the solutions that UON delivers.