Powerful start to year

Aug 26, 2021

UON has powered into the new financial year with its biggest-ever month of energy delivery.

July saw UON add 70 megawatts of power infrastructure to customers’ operations across the WA resources sector. UON’s Energy rental team deployed, installed and had all the units operational within the month.

UON Chairman Mark Keogh said the biggest single month in the company’s history was a clear demonstration of UON’s capacity, flexibility and rapid deployment capabilities to directly support our customers.

“The modular ability of our UON SMART offering is key to this success and includes customer-specific combinations of battery energy storage systems (BESS), solar photovoltaics (PV) and diesel generators,” Mark said.

“We are seeing a transition in what our customers want and we are able to assist them on their journey to decarbonisation. While an underlying demand for diesel generation currently remains, redeployable renewables are now a real option that we have available for our customers to rent.

“Our in-house capabilities to determine the lowest cost of energy, means we can tailor the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs, without sacrificing reliability.”

Despite COVID interruptions impacting some sectors, UON has continued to invest in its assets, while others may have paused.

“We’ve made the investments and done the design work needed to live out our company commitment to customers – that we will keep UON and operational,” Mark said.

“This means we continue to have the gear needed, plus an ongoing pipeline of equipment available.”

Take a look at UON’s Hybrid Capability video and contact the team to discuss the best energy combination to meet your company’s project needs.