UON powers trial of Australia’s first Trackless Tram

Nov 22, 2023

The trial of Australia’s First Trackless Tram in the City of Stirling is being powered by renewable energy thanks to the UON SMART™ Cell and a redeployable solar array.
Configured in its Electric Vehicle Charging solution, the UON SMART™ Cell has been powering the trackless tram for stakeholder events at the City’s Administration Offices during the week.
Launched on Monday evening, the trial of the 30-metre-long Chinese-built vehicle coincides with the Net Zero Transit Symposium, which is looking at innovations in transport technology are enabling the transition to net zero emissions.
Attendees were this morning given an overview of the UON SMART™ Cell and its charging capabilities by UON’s Principal Engineer and Manager of Research and Development Jim Waterreus during a breakfast event for symposium attendees.
A Community Open Day, including free rides on the tram, will be held on Sunday, November 26 between 8am and 11am, in-conjunction with the Stirling Farmers Markets.
It is also a great chance to see one of the possible configurations for the UON SMART™ Cell as an Electric Vehicle Charger.