UON Keeps Fit With Group Training

Jun 20, 2020

At UON, we prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our people. This constant focus to create an injury and illness-free workplace is an integral part of how we create value for ourselves and our clients, and ensure everyone goes home safe and healthy each day.

As part of this commitment, UON has undertaken various health and wellness initiatives that focus on achieving improvements in the modifiable lifestyle risk factors such as physical inactivity and poor nutrition, while also increasing awareness in the key aspects of general wellbeing and resilience.

One of the initiates currently underway is UON’s corporate personal training sessions. UON has engaged Shane Johnstone from Valetudo Health to run 60-minute group training sessions during the workweek. The sessions follow a structure that aims to keep employees injury-free by including injury prevention and core stability exercises. The exercise sessions are attended during work hours by all levels of employees including executive management.

Apart from the physical benefits, the sessions have also had a positive impact on mental health and helped to foster an inclusive culture of belonging. UON is encouraged by the positive flow-on effects from workers’ interactions with each other, their families, and the community in general.

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