UON Generator Motor Controller (GMC™) Training for Operators

Feb 21, 2020

As demand grows for UON’s patent-pending Generator Motor Controller (GMC™) technology, so too does the need for standardised training for equipment operators. UON has developed a two-day GMC™ training course, designed and delivered by UON specialists.

The training includes a practical demonstration and classroom assessment, covering the operation and design of UON’s Patent-Pending GMC™ Technology in dewatering applications and operations. Trainees are invited into UON’s production facility for practical demonstrations using the UON Test Tank and programming training on UON GMC™ sets for optimisation and control. UON also has the capability to deliver training on-site, (min. number of attendees required) with the capacity to utilise equipment on site for the practical part of the course.

UON also offers training courses on;

  • UON Cables & Hydraulics;
  • UON Bore Installation & Removal Trailer;
  • UON Smart™ Hybrid Solutions; and,
  • UON Pumping Systems

All training comes with a detailed course overview of the hardware and software involved. It is delivered by the leaders of the UON innovation program from UON’s head office in Malaga. The courses can be customised to our client’s needs over one or two days.

The benefits offered by the training are:

  • CAPEX savings through correctly-sized, fit-for-purpose units;
  • OPEX savings in the form of reduced fuel and maintenance;
  • Better collaboration between operations and procurement;
  • Less human error and unnecessary downtime; and,
  • Increased productivity and profits.

For more information on UON training courses or to make a booking, call our team on 1800 721 878 or email info@uon.com.au