Pushing themselves to raise awareness

Jun 2, 2023

UON team members are literally pushing themselves through June to raise awareness of mental health and shine the spotlight on the number of lives lost to suicide in Australia.
A team of 19, including all the UON Executive team, have joined in The Push-up Challenge from June 1 to 23.
It is only early, but it is ‘so far, so good’ for the participants who are pressing their way to the target of 3144 Push-ups.
Chief Operating Officer Daniel Kennedy issued a challenge across the business to have some fun, raise awareness and some funds along the way.
The challenge is for participants of all abilities, each nominating to do a certain number of push-ups each day during the challenge. To be part of it, you don’t need any special equipment, go to any special locations or even be an athlete of any form.
The 3144 challenge represents the number of lives lost to suicide in 2021. Tragically, this means the number of push-ups is a lot. The target amount per day varies for participants, tracked through an event app, and while participants can catch up if they fall behind, they can’t get ahead.
The UON team quickly exceeded its initial fundraising target, reset it much higher and has surpassed that, but are now keen to see how far they can go – so jump onto the UON team page and show your support!
You can track the team’s progress online, while supporting critical mental health services across Australia – Lifeline, Movember and the Push for Better Foundation.