Production workshop benefits from 5S methodology

Jul 13, 2022

Sustained growth as an organisation has created positive challenges for UON’s Malaga team as they juggle the demand for UON’s products with the available resources and an ongoing commitment to quality.

To support the demand the team in the Production workshop has adopted the well-known 5S methodology to create efficiencies in their processes, manage the handling of large equipment and tooling, and track the scheduling and progress of work.

The 5S Methodology focusses on:

Sort – When in doubt, move it out, Red Tag technique

Set in Order – A place for everything and everything in its place

Shine – Clean and inspect or inspect through cleaning

Standardise – Make up the rules, follow and enforce them

Sustain – Part of daily work and it becomes a habit

Part of a broader suite of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy, the adoption of the 5S methodology is already providing benefits to UON’s operations.

With greater clarity of tasks, both completed and still required; clearer workflows, improved positioning of equipment and the better demarcation of work areas have boosted the work environment for the team.  The changes have also created additional benefits to work quality and the operational throughput.

The 5S methodology also reflect UON’s Values of Simplicity, Positivity and Client Service that call for everyone to constantly review processes to look for a simpler way to work, to enthusiastically embrace change and inspire others to do so, while ensuring the need of clients are met.

A continual cycle of review will help maintain the practices and identify further opportunities to support UON team members, further enhancing UON’s role a great place to work.