Next generation of UON SMART™ CELL harnesses renewable energy

Oct 24, 2022

The next generation of the UON SMART™ CELL is delivering carbon neutral dewatering solutions while significantly reducing Capex and Opex.

Launched in front of an audience of invited clients, at a special event at UON’s Malaga Production Workshop at the end of October, the UON SMART™ CELL enables renewable technology to be integrated into existing operations.

The patented UON SMART™ CELL is a Stand-alone Power Solution. It is a Dewatering Battery Motor Controller and it is an Electric Vehicle charger – all in one package that is capable of powering remote operations entirely by renewable energy.

The clients at the launch were given an overview of UON’s activities and services, before Founder and Executive Chairman Mark Keogh took the guests through the benefits and key features of the UON SMART™ CELL, including a live demonstration of its operation in a dewatering application.

Using 60% less fuel and requiring 60% less maintenance in a mine dewatering configuration, the UON SMART™ CELL pays for itself in less than two years based on today’s fuel prices. With independently verified data, there are options to create carbon certificates for the unit’s operation.

UON SMART™ Solutions are Scalable, Modular, Automated, Renewable and Temperature-controlled.  This enables the solution to adapt, expand and integrate into any existing or new application. It is an industry leading, end-to-end, standardised energy management system that integrates people, data, and technology with solar, wind and batteries.

The UON SMART™ CELL builds upon the success of UON’s market-leading Generator Motor Controller (GMC) which revolutionised mine dewatering operations, delivering capital, operational and carbon-emission savings across the industry.

The UON SMART™ CELL means the financial and environmental benefits are immediately evident. UON’s solutions have been specifically developed to handle the harsh conditions of remote operations and are delivered without risking either the energy security or operational flexibility needed.

Customers were able to move about the Production Workshop and inspect UON’s local manufacturing activities that are key to delivering the specific solutions they need.

Get in touch with the UON team if you would like to know more about the UON SMART™ CELL and how it can deliver Capex, Opex and Carbon emission savings for your remote operations.