Harnessing renewable energy for Northern Star

May 31, 2023

UON has helped a WA mining client to harness renewable energy to power critical infrastructure.
The UON developed and manufactured UON SMART™ Cell, is powering a remote bore pump operating at a Northern Star Resources’ mine site.
The UON SMART™ Cell is configured as a dewatering Battery Motor Controller (BMC) and has been delivering operational savings and environment benefits from the outset.
The BMC30N, installed with 98kW of redeployable solar array, a backup UON GMC generator and linked with remote monitoring, has already recorded fuel savings in excess of 65% compared to traditional diesel-only generation.
UON SMART™ Solutions are Scalable, Modular, Automated, Renewable and Temperature-controlled, enabling them to be adapted, expanded and integrated into any existing or new application both on and off-grid.
UON’s Mission is to Safely deliver UON SMART™ Solutions to support clients in their decarbonisation journey. This commitment is a promise, represented in our name – we will keep yoU ON, we will keep you operational.