Community flocks to Trackless Tram – Powered by UON…

Nov 27, 2023

Unlocking new experiences to drive discussions about change can be daunting undertakings, especially if the proposal takes people outside the current thinking.
Being able to partner with the City of Stirling as part of the trial of Australia’s First Trackless Tram, UON was able to demonstrate one of its UON SMART™ solutions and also unlock some fresh thinking.
Culminating in Sunday’s Community Open Day which attracted thousands to experience the 30-metre-long Chinese-built Trackless Tram’s capabilities, the event provided valuable awareness of the adaptability of UON’s solutions, including possible uses in metropolitan environments to harness renewable energy.
Configured in its Electric Vehicle Charger, the UON SMART™ Cell and a redeployable solar array has been providing renewable power for the trackless tram during its visit.
Congratulations to the City of Stirling, Curtin University and all their partners for creating genuine and engaging opportunities for the community and industry to explore new technology and what may be possible.