50 Degrees C, no problem for UON SMART Cell

Jan 23, 2024

An ambient temperature of 50.5 degrees Celsius proved no issue for the UON SMART™ Cell, which kept operating at full capacity as per its design.

The Battery Motor Controller unit is a year into its successful dewatering operation at a mine in WA’s Goldfields, and despite the soaring ambient temperatures recorded by the unit’s remote monitoring equipment in mid-January, it did not miss a beat.

Nameplate rated at 50 Deg C, the operational verification of UON SMART™ Cell in such conditions highlights the quality of the design and original equipment manufacturing, by UON.

Specifically designed for the harshest of WA’s remote conditions, UON energy and water solutions truly differentiate themselves from other products in the market that aren’t.

Delivering both Capex and Opex savings, while integrating renewable and decarbonising technologies, UON’s commitment to supporting clients is a promise represented by its name – we will keep yoU ON, we will keep you operational.